people talk a lot about who would kill the spiders, remus or sirius, but they’re all wrong; sirius is a big gay baby who yells for remus to kill them but remus is too gentle and so he lets them crawl onto his hand and takes them outside and places them tenderly on a nearby bush 


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Joss Whedon told Dreamwatch magazine about an edited scene in the episode Chosen:

“I definitely had to do some hack and slash. They were small edits. My favourite one would probably never have made it to air anyway. It was Principal Wood and Giles sharing a joint right before they go into battle, or as I referred to it in the script, a hand-rolled cigarette. That was shot and not aired. Tony sort of went through a thing with it. He has daughters and he talked with his girlfriend, and then he decided ‘Oh, what the hell, this is funny.’ We did a version with tiny airport bottles of whiskey, but we did one version with the joint.”



Seal with a data-logger on it’s head. [x]



When I see all the Misha stuff from SDCC, I remember the interview Misha gave after he was let go from SPN at the start of season 7, where he said SPN wasn’t a show that a lot of people in the industry looked at. The implication for me was that he knew he wasn’t going to get a lot of offers and he was going to have to work hard to find that next job.

Now, three years later, he’s a major attraction at this Comicon on his own terms, he’s formed all these great bonds with people like John Barrowman, Aisha Tyler, William Shatner, Orlando Jones, based on his SPN work and his own personal appeal.

He doesn’t feel like this jobbing actor who is lucky to have work. He’s there based on his own talent and his own appeal. 

That makes me very happy, because you look at so many actors in this industry and they just rot away once they become even remotely famous. And that doesn’t seem to be happening with Misha. He’s still pretty much the same guy we always knew. He seems happier than ever. 

This man has been called a failure and a loser by certain fans for half a decade now, he’s been told that fans hate him, that he’s a burden to SPN…and just look where he is now. I’m so happy he’s stayed with SPN and I know this is a tough industry, but I don’t feel like he needs the show anymore. I feel like he’s broken through on his own terms, not because of anything or anyone but himself.

I’m so proud.