a bunch of people are going to be hanging out with Alan Rickman tomorrow and I’ll probably cry about it

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seven years ago today i was a tiny twelve year old cosplaying luna lovegood in a borders

i talked my theatre camp into making the theme of that day harry potter day (because fridays were always costume days) so i could wear my costume all day and not have to change

i got to the bookstore 8 hours early and befriended a 16 year old and a 20 year old who were just as excited as me and didn’t care that i was so young

i was on tv having a literal duel with another kid to kill time before midnight

aggressively debated about snape’s loyalty and i was so sure i was right (i wasn’t)

i was so nervous and excited and full of adrenaline that all i could eat from 5 PM onward was a single chocolate frog

i remember holding that book in my hands like it was made of fucking gold and crying when i read the dedication in the car and yelling when i read the first sentence because the spoilers i read on mugglenet were true

i read out loud all the way home because my mom was driving but wanted to know what was happening

and i didn’t stop reading until afternoon the next day and it was the strangest moment of my whole life because i had never lived in a world where i wasn’t anticipating a harry potter book and now it was over and what on earth was i supposed to do now??????

and now seven years later i’m almost twenty and i’m sitting in my room with four harry potter books within arm’s reach and an audiobook playing and i’m wearing a fucking i believe in nargles shirt and i was so foolish to think that the series ending would change anything because i am still so fucking passionate about this messy-haired bespectacled orphan under the stairs and i made some of the best friends i could ever dream of having because of harry potter and that is never going to end no matter how far away from july 21 2007 i get


Pretty sure instagram’s sole purpose is to share pics of #tattoos fans have done of our #lyrics #bestthingever #better #abrandnewhurt #dedication

“We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives.”

Jared Padalecki on the 200th episode (x)

you tagged it “Vicki Vantoch” so I know you know her name
so why do I constantly see “Vicky/Collins” in the tag

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on Fred's death? And also, did you like Illyria? I always love watching Amy Acker play them both because it was interesting seeing the change between the characters.


Dangerous question anon, I feel you’re about to get an essay, because few things in the Whedonverse piss me off as much as Fred’s horrific and unnecessary death. Brace yourself.

First and foremost, I loathe, beyond reason, that the amazingly talented, smart, funny, adorkable Winifred Burkle was killed off in the first place. Unfortunately this is a trend in AtS. As amazing as the show is and as much as I adore it, it is a very male-driven show and the few prominent female characters are killed off or forgotten about (Cordy, Darla, Lilah, Kate, Gwen and Anne all died or disappeared over the course of the series). Fred was the last in the long line of discarded females who died for no good reason and were horribly violated in death. With Fred’s death, AtS truly became a boys club and the absence of both Fred and Cordy is glaringly noticeable.

Killing Fred off was a bad enough decision, but the way in which she dies makes her death even worse. Most of the male characters who die on AtS get to die as heroes (Doyle, Wes, potentially Gunn) whereas the females are killed in horrible and extremely violating ways. Cordy, Darla and Fred all die from mystical pregnancies, subjected to carrying beings they never wanted and which their bodies cannot support. Fred, in particular, is subjected to extreme levels of torture as her body is hollowed out in order to make way for Illyria. She dies crying in pain, trying desperately to be brave, as her body and mind are violated, tortured and eventually killed to make way for another entity. It was horrifying and extremely hard to watch.

And lastly, I hate, hate, hate the way that Fred’s death used to further Wesley’s manpain and to manipulate the audience into thinking that Wesley was the love of Fred’s life, despite the fact that they had only been dating for a few days (or possible a couple of weeks). Now, I’m not saying that Wesley couldn’t have becoming the love of Fred’s life, but at that point in time, he wasn’t. But her drawn-out, torturous death is used, not to show her own inner-strength or resilience, but to portray her as dying in the arms of the man she loves and to show his pain at losing her.

I’ve always wished that, if they absolutely had to kill Fred off, it had been Gunn at Fred’s bedside while she died. Not because I wanted Gunn to have Fred’s death scene over Wesley, but because I wanted Fred to die with the man she loved for over two years, the man she planned a future with, the man who made her face light up when he played video games, who knew how she liked her pancakes and her waffles, who made her happy, whom she loved with all he heart. I hated the decimation of the Fred/Gunn relationshop during Season 5 and Fred’s death in Wesley’s arms and the show focusing solely on Wesley’s grief, did Fred, Gunn and their entire relationship a huge disservice.

Lastly, I don’t mind Illyria as a character and Amy did a great job playing her, but I would trade Illyria any day for the return of Winifred Burkle.

I was having a bad day and then I remembered the time Misha tweeted a rps masterpost of him and Jensen

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The Mad King

I legit haven’t drawn AH for almost 1 1/2 years now and I saw pinstripe’s designs and had a go for it! Hope I did him justice ahh

“If a woman didn’t want to have sex, though, abortion suddenly becomes okay. Most states and nations with laws restricting abortion to the point of a ban make exceptions for rape and incest. Any qualms about the feelings of the nugget of cells forming in the uterus are instantly, magically less important than a woman’s autonomy if she was raped or subjected to incest, because a woman who didn’t really, truly want to have sex is a good woman and shouldn’t be punished for it, whereas bad women who consent to sex, who might even actually enjoy it, deserve to suffer the consequences.”

Unspeakable Things, Laurie Penny (via ekattri)

It’s all about controlling female sexuality and our reproductive destinies. Welcome to the Gilead.

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