spnedit: Angels

the angels, they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have
the equipment to care. seems like when they try, it just breaks
them apart.

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Happy Birthday and lots of love to Tim Curry,

19th April 1946  


The Office: First and Last Appearances

Cockles and the India-Russia/accents story so far. 

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i need your help, brother

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for-convenience asked: Hi. Sorry if you told the story on your blog already, (if so can you link me to it?) but what was Misha's reaction when he saw all those sweaters? That's an awesome picture by the way. ^_^ (PM)


Thank you!! I don’t know if anyone has actually written the story about it yet (if so Rocketeers link me & I’ll add it to this or something idk how the internet works actually) & I am so new to this sort of thing but here we go..

I am the one in the zebra sweater. I have never seen an episode of Supernatural & before Vegascon I probably couldn’t have picked Misha out of a lineup of all the other cast members, so the idea was to sort of throw him at me & force the two of us into the center of the wolf pack (as prey, obviously). As soon as our group reached the front of the line he turned into a goddamn child & started screaming “THAT’S MY SWEATER! THAT’S MY SWEATER!” & pointing at everyone (rude) & jumping up & down & I think we intimidated him because it took a few seconds before he finally agreed to even get close enough to us to take the photo. He asked how everyone got “[his] sweater” but whoops we ignored him because we had more important places to be & were already behind schedule (we literally ran out of the photo op room to the cab line so we could make it to our Cirque show in time).

We didn’t give him any instructions except for Heather telling him that he had to stand by me, so he didn’t know everyone was going to make funny wolf faces & I didn’t know he was going to put his face so close to mine & I spent five minutes that morning in the restroom practicing my "who the hell is this man" face so that’s how the photo happened.

nomundson asked: Story time! Julie's in a group message with me, and she sent the wolf pack op saying "that chick with the green hair is going to die happy" and I explained that she actually barely knows who Misha is and hasn't seen SPN at all. So our friend Meg goes "Why does she get to be in the front? Are they trying to get her to watch spn? If so, that's an effective way." i'm laugh


(she is talking about this photo op)


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I feel like people put so much emphasis on ~opening up~ to others but I am just not about that

it’s hard enough to find people to hang with that I mutually don’t hate let alone want to spill my problems to